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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Difference Between God's Love And Man's Love

Human love is based on the objective worth of the other.

People have to be or do something in order to win and earn each other's affection.

God's love -on the other hand- is based on His own, personal, and subjective decision to not be anything else -or anything less- than infinite love, sheer goodness, endless loving-kindness, and utter self-giving.

His clean and child-like heart, filled with the other-worldly beauty of these things, and delighting in the indescribable joy and peace that can only spring from such great purity and innocence, completely abhors the notions of hatred and indifference, which only help to limit, bind, confine, chain, restrain, and constrain one's being, deeming such things to be entirely despicable, and refusing to be defined by them, seeing with perfect clarity the abysmal depths of meaninglessness and self-destruction wrought by such spiritual states, where one's being is tainted, defiled, and corrupted by unspeakable evil, darkness, and ugliness.